Exempt Corporate Finance Advisor by Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)

Spark Plus Pte Ltd. (“SPPL”) is compliant with the Exempt Status regime provisions of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) with regard to corporate finance activities. Spark Plus provides advisory services to corporates on their M&A activity, distribution, advising on appropriate financing solutions.

a) Advising corporates on their merger & acquisition strategies/activities. Australian listed companies are looking for opportunities in Asia for potential mergers, acquisitions, and distribution partners. Spark Plus is going to provide advisory services on opportunities in the Asian region for Australian corporates. The listed company clients will be ranging from mainly the mining, tech, and healthcare space. By using financial accounting tools and our experience, we help companies identify capital expenditures and estimate cash flows from proposed capital projects. The advise will generally come in the form of comparing different projects that exist as potential joint ventures and/or merger & acquisition targets, and picking the optimal one based on the current financial position of the company and Internal Rate of Return targets.

b) Advise on appropriate options for financing solutions in Asia. This will entail advising listed companies in Australia on what different financing options exist during different economic cycles. This could range from convertibles notes, equity financing and debt. The assessment is generally made if the company requires short term financing or longer term financing solutions. Our main goal in this function is to lower the companies weighted average cost of capital.

c) Advisory on the appropriate structures for corporates (commonly shell entities) to do a reverse takeover and possibly list. Spark Plus will advise on the structures and sourcing to ensure that the valuation of these structures are not unreasonable. The valuation process of finding a listed shell is to source for shells on an exchange that may not have enough cash and are open for a takeover. The assessment is made if a RTO gets the company a better valuation compared to keeping it private.