Spenda Limited develops and commercializes technology assets that enable the modernization of business IT systems through conversion, migration, and management of server-based legacy data and systems to the cloud in Australia. It operates through SaaS and Payments, and Lending segments. The company offers business-to-business payment services; merchant services; solutions for integrating payments into the software platform or marketplace; and invoice, supplier, buyer, and agri finance solutions. It also provides accounts receivable automation software for streamlining collections and accelerating incoming payments; accounts payable automation software for managing supplier payments and driving stronger cash flow; portable point of sale systems; sales order management for collaborating on orders with customers; eCommerce solutions; warehouse management solution for accessing accurate data and managing inventory; workshop management software for managing auto workshops; service management solution for streamlining business from end-to-end and enhance the customer experience with cloud-based field service management solution; and purchasing software, a digital tool designed to automate and optimize procurement processes.

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