New Zealand Coastal Seafoods (NZCS) is a New Zealand based, ASX listed, secondary producer of nutraceutical, seafood products and premium marine ingredients. The Company recently acquired Kiwi Dreams International Limited (KDI), a leading developer of innovative nutraceutical products and services including ingredient supply, quality and validation, as well as formulation and development.

Through the development of Nutraceutical projects, NZCS has recognised significant opportunities in this high growth market, with the global Nutraceutical market estimated at US $230.9 billion in 2018.

Harnessing the countries reputation for pure, pristine waters and fisheries provenance, NZCS utilise raw ingredients sourced from New Zealand’s finest deep sea fishing companies, employing a nose-to-tail philosophy to create a range of high-value products. 

The Company’s mission is to share the sought-after flavours of sustainably-sourced, nutritious, healthy and organic goodness of New Zealand’s seafood with Asian consumers, through expanding distributor, wholesale and consumer channels. 

NZCS’s growth strategy is focused on the development of a new nutraceutical product range and increasing production and sales of its flagship, collagen-rich, dried ling maw range and developing high-value ready-to-eat, FMCG products for export into new and existing markets