21 September 2020
vlcsnap-2020-09-21-09h52m25s646 Investor Update With Brookside Energy (ASX:BRK) - Sep 2020

Watch: Investor Update With Brookside Energy (ASX:BRK) - Sep 2020

Omar Taheri, CEO & Founder of Spark Plus spoke with David Prentice, Managing Director of Brookside Energy (ASX:BRK), a ASX listed company that generates shareholder value by developing oil and gas plays in the United States, specifically the Anadarko Basin in Oklahoma.

The Anadarko Basin is a proven Tier One oil and gas development province with significant existing oil and gas gathering and transportation infrastructure, a competitive and highly experienced oil and gas service sector, and a favourable regulatory environment.

Brookside is executing a “Real Estate Development” approach to acquiring prospective acreage in the Anadarko Basin and adding value to it by consolidating leases and proving up oil and gas reserves. The Company then has the option of selling the revalued acreage or maintaining a producing interest. The Company is now set to scale-up its activities and asset base significantly with its operated-interests in the SWISH AOI.

Visit BRK's website for more info: http://brookside-energy.com.au/

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